Relief at Gudalur & Wayanad: Redeem India

“Mightier than the thunder of the great waters, mightier than the breakers of the sea -- the Lord on high is mighty” - Psalm 93:4

From August 09th 2019, Kerala and the Hill regions of Tamil Nadu (bordering Kerala and Karnataka) faced severe southwest monsoon that devastated mainly the state of Kerala. Due to this torrential rain, over 370 people lost their lives and a million people are displaced. On the other-side, the state of Kerala witnessed 221 collapsed bridges, 537 landslides and damaged over 6000 miles of public road. About 42000 hectares of crop were destroyed, affecting over 260000 farmers.

It was during this time, Redeem India prayed and planned to help the flood affected people of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. We thank all the sponsors for supporting and blessing the families of the flood affected victims.


Gudalur is a small town in the Nilgiris Hills of Tamil Nadu. Due to heavy rain particularly in this region resulted in heavy flood resulting in several landslides across the district. Due to flood and landslides, people lost all their personal belongings overnight and their houses were destroyed.

Government of Tamil Nadu was only able to help the affected people in the main land. The people from the remote villages were totally cut off from any relief and they lost all their personal belongings.


Relief Material Purchased


Our Volunteer Team - Relief Work

Terrace Village is 13 kms away from the main land. The village has no public transportation facility or hospital or school or any grocery store. The people and the children in this village either travel by walk through the forest or by cycle to reach the main land for school or for any other needs. Mostly tea estate workers, the people in the village completely lost all their possessions.

When our volunteers visited this village; it was heartbreaking to see the people living with no food, proper warm clothes or medical help.

Having understood their helpless situation, our volunteers with the help of Redeem India support purchased essential items like food ration (for a month), winter blankets, sleeping mats, sanitary items and clothes.


On September 02nd 2019, our Volunteer Team travelled again to this village and distributed the relief materials to 20 families; thus reaching over 80 flood affected people in the village.

Ramasamy says“Thank you for coming to our village and helping us with the essential needs. After the flood we were desperate need of help and we believe God came to us through you. I wholeheartedly bless you”

Saroja says “Life in this village is very difficult; no one wants to come to our remote village. By the time, we go in search of relief materials in the main land; we are always late and we miss them completely. We thank you for taking all the time and coming to our village. We bless you”

Our Volunteer Team leader Mr. Benjamin says “Thank you Redeem India for supporting and reaching out these people in the right time. We could see tears in each one of their eyes, while they received the relief materials. Thank you once again”


When the monsoon hit the state of Kerala, the district of Wayanad was largely affected with landslides and flood. There was over 105 relief camps in the district; which is the highest in the state. One such huge landslide buried 30 houses of the 70 houses in Wayanad; over 70 people were dead. On the other hand, many houses drowned in flood. Over 22,000 people were displaced and settled in relief camps.

Redeem India with the help of Yuva Social Movement (Partner organization) happened to know about the story of Ps. Nijeesh K.S and family who lost all their personal belongings in flood. When our volunteers reached the spot during flood, they could see the entire house and the church were covered in water. The whole family was in the streets losing everything in life.


House and the Church under water


Ps Nijeesh and Family

Ps Nijeesh K.S and his wife Mejusha have two children {Blesson (Boy) and Jameema (Girl)}. They both are ministering in a village called Paleri, Wayanad District. Their house and the church is very close to a river channel. Within last two years, the family lost their personal belongings twice due to flood. Each time the house was flooded, the Lord saved the family from the verge of death.

Our volunteers prayed and took a decision to help this family with essential house hold materials. With you generous support, we were able to provide sleeping mats, kitchen utensils, clothes, house hold appliances and clothes for the kids.

Relief Materials – Blessing the family


Ps Nijeesh K.S said“Whatever may come, I won’t leave this place or the ministry. We stand firm in God to work in our distress. We strongly believe it is the lord who brought Redeem India in our lives. We are praying to buy a land away from the river to build a house. We ask of your continuous prayers and support”.

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