Manohar and Jasmine James are the visionaries of Serving Alongside International (SAI). Dr. Manohar James hails from the state of Andhra Pradesh, South India. As a cross-cultural minister, he traveled throughout India and saw the nation through the eyes of Jesus in his 15 years of missionary work and andragogical services. Prior to founding SAI , he worked with Gospel for Asia as a missionary, staff, bible teacher in Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh states. He also served as a professor and chief functionary (Principal) of Mission India Theological Seminary, Nagpur in Maharashtra, India, for eight years preparing leaders for Church Planting, Church Leadership and God’s work. He married Jasmine Sharon from Tamil Nadu, who is the co-laborer in his vision. After 11 years of marriage, God blessed them with a son they named Jason Abhishek James, who is three and a half years.

Dr. James obtained regular theological education (B. A. and M. Div.) in India and completed PhD in Intercultural studies from Asbury Theological Seminary, USA. Through suffering, sickness and persecution, the Lord tested and used James in India in various ways to humble, mold and prepare him for the greater task of Serving Alongside International. In 2011 when Manohar and and his wife Jasmine went to India on a three-month ministry trip to explore the ministry needs of independent churches, they discovered that the majority of the rural churches struggle for growth, if not for survival. Most of the congregations they visited have been malnourished in the word and lack discipleship programs. They held a ano structures of In this seminar many pastors approached and requested James to launch a holistic mission that would strengthen the local indigenous rural church in Word and Deed.

Jameses vision is to intentionally advance Christian leadership in rural churches through regular field training for pastors and uplift the marginalized of all social classes through educational and moral programs to bring a holistic transformation in India and other Asian countries . James invites people who are willing to embody Christ’s love inWord and deed to join him deliver people from spiritual darkness, ignorance, and poverty through prayer, suggestions and financial support. Please read a featured article on Manohar's story by Scholar Leaders International at

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