March 24, 2020


OUR covid-19 Relief EFFORTS


“Mightier than the thunder of the great waters, mightier than the breakers of the sea -- the Lord on high is mighty” - Psalm 93:4

Since March 24, 2020, the lockdown in India has brought the entire country to a standstill and has severely affected the poor, especially the daily-wage-worker families who live on $6 a day.

According to some independent reports, nearly 197 people have died of hunger since the lockdown. There may be hundreds of poverty deaths which go unreported. Now India has categorically extended its “lockdown order” for the second time to keep the crowded country safe. That means more daily-wage workers and beggars, who live one-day at a time, are expected to suffer more, if not die of starvation.

Thankfully, the government and many non-profit organizations have been doing their best to help the suffering people as much as possible. However, the help is not fully reaching the poorest of the poor as the need is great. As a non-profit organization (80G), we are doing whatever we can to ease the suffering of the people.

covid-19 Relief EFFORTS:

In the past three weeks, we carefully identified and helped more than 530 families in dozens of villages in AP, TN, MH and TS which are under severe poverty. We distributed to them food supplies and other necessities that would last for at least two weeks. Thanks to the donors who have generously given to this cause. Below are some of heartwarming responses.

“Thank you for giving us rations as we can’t buy food due to lack of daily-wage work on which my family lives. Because of lockdown we were struggling to make our ends meet. We wholeheartedly thank you for helping us”– A recipient from Tamil Nadu.


“It was great experience for me to see the heart of gratitude and the tears of joy on the faces of people while receiving the relief kits. As a volunteer I am more than grateful to Redeem India for meeting the needs of our local people so timely and practically." – D.T (Our coordinator in Telangana)

“All the families whom we helped during this Covid-19crisis are working as daily-wageworkers in the state of Maharashtra. They are families who left their own native villages and went to work in other places in the state. They do not have local ration cards or any other local identities to get government provisions through ration shops. They were literally struggling to get their needs met. Thanks for coming to their recue!” V.M.N (Our coordinator in MH).

“The Relief support was very timely because my father went through a heart operation and we spent all our savings on the surgery. Just last week he was discharged, and we were under financial struggle. Our ministries through church and other mission stations were closed and thus we as family struggled to cope with daily needs. Thank you Redeem India for supporting us! We as a family are grateful.”A recipient from Nagpur.

“We are blessed to know an organization like Redeem India, who came forward to help the people in our region. When we went out to distribute the groceries and provision in their homes, people said they were in great need but was ashamed to come out and ask to other people. They were so happy that we went to their own homes and delivered supplies directly to them without asking them to come out to public space to receive the kits.”-G.S.W (A local leader and volunteer).

We thought the lockdown will be lifted within 15 days and our lives would become normal soon, but it was extended beyond 50 days. Now, our lives have become miserable. We as family were praying to God to provide for our needs. We are blessed to see Redeem India volunteers go from house to house just as they came to our house with provisions yesterday. God heard our prayers!” - A recipient from Andhra Pradesh.

As our relief efforts continue, we welcome your donation of any size to touch one life at a time!


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