Reaching Communities

The major focus of Serving Alongside International is to evangelize the communities in India and beyond, and help them to know true God. To achieve this goal, we equip the indigenous church leaders in the field to effectively communicate gospel to various communities within their sociocultural contexts Additionally, through the following programs, we not only embody Christ's love, but also show people the path to Christ.

1. Widow Assistance

In India, there is no social security program, nor assisted living facilities for the older or disabled people. In rural villages, where superstitious beliefs still dominate, widows are considered a bad omen and a burden. As a result many widows live a lonely and depressed life. Although older women A native mission calls them "the living dead." Through Redeem India Ministries, SAI financially supports some of these women with an aim to reach her and her families with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

2. Child Care

There are literally millions of unfortunate children in India's rural and suburban slums who need love and compassion. With the help of local churches we strategically help the needy children with monthly support to sponsor their studies and reach their extended families with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We also help those physically handicapped children with physical therapies and medicine.

3. Medical Camps

Through Redeem India Ministries, SAI conducts medical camps in the backward villages of India, where there are no medical facilities, in order to help those financially struggling with treatments and medicines. With these projects we not only help create a healthy society, but also introduce Jesus to them. In the last two years about 500 people heard the good news through these medical camps.

4. School Supplies for the Needy Children Students

Bi-annually, SAI provides notebooks, pens, pencils, etc to the school-going children. Every year we provide these kinds of educational resources to nearly 300 children. We invite them to churches to special programs where gospel is introduced.

5. Supply of Clothes to the Poorest of the poor

Bi-annually, SAI provides funds to help proved clothes to older widows and older men who would otherwise will not be able to buy clothes for them. Again, our focus is evangelism..!

Facts about Widows in India

34 million widows in India Majority of widows live in rural villages 93% of rural villages are illiterate Over 64% of them are aged above 60 Widowhood is a disgrace Often depressed and malnourished

Facts on Unfortunate Children in India

India has the world's largest population 35 million are orphans 5.2 million are affected by HIV/AIDS 11 Million children live on streets More than half of India's Children between age 6 and 14 do not go to school due to lack of resources or facilities. Over 50% of India's children are malnurished 90% of rural children go to work by compulson 500,000 female children between age 5 and 10 are forced into sex trade every year among which 70% are illiterate


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