Helping People in Need

The floods in Cuddalore and Chennai, India, killed about 300 people and made thousands suffer without proper food, shelter and other basic necessities. On December 10, 2015, our ministry team helped about 150 flood-victim families of Cuddalore, with 300 bread packets, 50 night dresses for women, 20 night wears for men, 50 dresses for children; 200 biscuit packets, 500 mosquito coils and repellents, 200 cleaning solutions, 200 pain relief balms, 200 water bottles, 400 wax candles, 400 match boxes, 50 floor mats and 100 soaps. Basic medicine like Paracetomol, pain killer tablets, skin ointment for rashes, pantoprazole tablets for stomach troubles and antibiotic capsules were given to 200+ people. We are thankful to all those who prayed, helped financially and voluntarily involved in the work alongside our leaders in India, Dr. John Emmanuel, Project Director and Rev. Y. Rathinamoni, General Secretary.


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