Who are we?

Our Faith

The Word of God ,We believe that the Bible is inspired Word of God. (2 Timothy 3:16). The Triune God We believe in the eternal God who has revealed Himself as ONE existing in three persons, Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit distinguishable but indivisible. We believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth. We believe in God, the Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord who was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary. We believe in God, the Holy Spirit,who has been at work since the beginning of creation The Church We believe in the Church, the communion of saints, the gathering of believers for worship, prayer, and fellowship..

Our Foundation

Our ministry is based on three biblical commands

The Great Commission Making True Disciples (Matt. 22:37-39 James 1:26-27)

he Great Responsibility Equipping the Church for the service of our Lord. (Eph. 4:11,12)

Our Function

1.Equip disciple-makers and untrained church leaders through on-field monthly training workshops.

2.Embrace the suffering communities in the love of Christ through social and charitable action.

3.Evangelize all who we can through contextual and effective means

Pillars of our organization

1.Lift Christ in every aspect of mission, and live in peace with religious and denominational others.

2.Obey Great Commission in Word and deed.

3.Vision is imperative to the programs of the organization, and therefore, it is fundamental to those who carry it forward.

4.Equip, empower and embrace the suffering communities unselfishly.

5.Generate opportunities for people to grow in and outside the organization.

6.Open to correction and to creative ways of doing mission.


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