– DBJ, Gujarat

“We are grateful to the sponsor who gave life to our son. We would have lost him, without help. Thank you SAI for arranging this surgery for him. We will live with gratitude for your help for the rest of our lives.”

– Pastor SSU, Madhya Pradesh

“While doctors were still diagnosing my mother’s sickness in the ICU, the hospital had suddenly refused to treat her because we could not pay the hospital bill. They left her to die. But you have come to help us. Thanks a lot.”

– Mrs. JC, AP

“I knew my Lord would send me help when I couldn’t bear pain anymore. Please thank them for me. I am so grateful for their life-saving ministry during these times.”

– Mrs. P.H.M., Nagpur

“Thank you for sending us help in the time when we needed it most. Our lives and ministry are touched by the work and generous help of SAI. May God bless your work.”

– Pastor GWC, AP

“For three days my wife, our two children and I hadn’t eaten anything. In this critical and crucial moment, you sent us a large gift to bless our family. Our joy has no limits. We are immensely thankful to the Lord and SAI for this timely help.”

Rev. Tom Flaherty

“I cannot recommend “SAI/Redeem India” ministries enough. Dr. Manohar James and the teams he leads are doing God’s work in some of the most needy and dangerous places on earth. Their work of equipping pastors and leaders is empowering all the congregations they serve and by that impartation, affecting the world around them….”

Rev. Timothy Pieper

“SAI is a vision breathed by the Holy Spirit and revealed through Manohar. It is a vision to lift up, train and equip indigenous leaders and disciples of Christ in India. A vision to protect, care, and defend the defenseless child and widow. I have been inspired by Manohar and Jasmine’s faithfulness to Christ in the use of their time, talents and money to further God’s…”
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Dr. Art McPhee

“Serving Alongside International is a ministry of the heart with a fresh vision for bringing hope, healing, and help to India’s needy, and education and edification to the grass-roots pastors who bring them Christ. The need is great. I commend the visionary, my friend Manohar James, and the mission he does.”
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