Impact of Our Training Programs


“I learned many new things in the one-day training seminar, especially, how to preach effectively in times such as these."
– Pastor Samuel Paul
( Gollavilli, India)

"I know now how to breath life into my preachings through various aspects I have learned from Redeem India's Field Training."
– Rev. Konala Yakobu
( Kotha Peta, AP, India)

"I wish SAI/Redeem India would organize this kind of invaluable workshops more and more for the development of our local pastors and churches."
– Pastor E. Nathaniel
( Penumalle, India)

“In last two years I have lost five believers through my irrelevant preaching. Had I received this sort of instruction a few years ago, I would not have lost them. I Thank God for SAI’s vision of equipping pastors like me in the field.”
– Rev. N. Prem Kumar

"Through 'Contextual and Effective Preaching' Seminar I have learned how to prepare relevant sermons. This workshop taught me what to avoid and what to include in my preachings."
– Pastor D. Prasanna Kumar
(AICC E.G.District Secretary, Amalapuram, India)

“Training workshop on “Contextual Preaching” not only revived my passion for effective way of articulating the gospel through my sermons, but also changed my paradigm of doing ministry.”
– Rev. Ch. David Raju
(Senior Pastor, Avidi, India)

"SAI's Training Seminar has helped me to learn new things that will help my church grow and be strengthened."
– Pastor M. Yeusraju

"I am very much blessed by this workshop and have learned new aspects on how to bring people to Christ in this generation through proper communication. Many pastors need this sort of practical training for their ministry so that they can avoid dangers."
– Pastor S. Chittibabu
( Geddam Palli, India)

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