“Training workshop on Contextual Preaching not only revived my passion for effective way of articulating the gospel through my sermons, but also changed my paradigm of doing ministry.”

– Rev. Ch. David Raju

“I learned many new things in one-day training seminar, especially, how to preach effectively in times such as these…”

– Pr. Samuel Paul

“In last two years I have lost five believers through my irrelevant preaching. Had I received this sort of instruction a few years ago, I would not have lost them. I Thank God for SAI’s vision of equipping pastors like me in the field.”

– Rev. N. Prem Kumar

“Through Contextual and Effective Preaching Seminar, I have learned how to prepare relevant sermons. This workshop taught me what to avoid and what to include in my preaching.”

– Pr. D. Prasanna Kumar