Eighty percent of independent rural pastors in India are not theologically trained. They cannot meet the everyday challenges of evangelism and church ministry without help. We are involved in providing on-field theological education to the ambitious pastors and evangelists through one-day, two-day and three-day seminars. We are currently training 1200+ leaders a year

Millions of Indians do not have access to healthcare. More than 163 million people in India do not have access to clean water, the highest in the world. At least 35 million children aged 6 – 14 years do not attend school because of lack of resources. About 200 million people do not have electricity. We are able to help communities with educational resources and basic necessities.

Whenever India is met with natural calamities such as epidemics, floods, fires and earthquakes, we are there to help people with food supplies and monetary help. We are now helping thousands of people affected by the season of COVID-19. We have helped flood victims in AP recently. We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the suffering people and share the love of God with them.